Madman and death tarot

The combination between the Madman and the Moon reveals a great confusion in our present moment, it is possible that we are losing reason and control of our life due to bad impulsive decisions that lead us down a path of losses and uncontrolled emotions.
Darkness and fears are holding us back because the bad experiences we live through in our life are surfacing from the bad decisions we make impulsively. Instinctively. The combination between the Fool and the Moon warns us of a great need to bring light and clarity into our life or the threats will become more and more dangerous.
As a person, the combination of these two major Arcana reveals an impulsive person, crazy, very sensitive to extrasensory energies, confused but self-confident, with a lack of rationality and logic in the decisions he makes in the fields of life. The attitude of the person is active but reckless, takes too many risks in order to get what he wants at the moment and does not listen to other people’s reasons.

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The Madman in the Tarot indicates that which ends and begins. An intelligent and inventive person who feels completely free and therefore does not follow imposed social or moral norms. He has the capacity to create new ideas that will not be subject to conventionalisms, he will motivate himself through them displaying the necessary illusion and energy that will allow him to reach his objective.
Limit situations in personal evolution. Utopian approaches in life. Great active potential. Freedom of spirit. Breakthroughs. Exploration of unknown worlds. Discoveries. Curiosity. Absolute individuality. Great journeys. Very intelligent person with his own ideas, who does not obey conventional rules.
These energies are also found in our collective unconscious and operate in our psyche, that is, when we make a consultation or tarot reading what we do is to see what is operating at the level of the unconscious.
It is also the consciousness of the individual that is ready for a new journey, the beginning of a vital journey that begins with the Fool and ends with the card of The World where we achieve enlightenment.

The madman and death tarot

Hello, I have had a tarot reading and when I asked about a man who has started a new relationship, I got the Madman and the Moon 2 times in a row. The tarot reader explained to me that he is an emotionally unstable person and that the relationship is not going well. My question is, is it significant that the 2 cards are repeated in two consecutive spreads and what do these cards mean together? Can they have more than 1 meaning? Thank you
Hello, I agree with what the tarot reader told you and I have also heard that it means mental imbalance, I also see it as someone who is not looking for anything serious and opts for hidden relationships, I do not know if I’m wrong, see what else they can tell you about this combination….
Hello girls this combination also speaks to be carried away by the creative passion and the taste for the new through the arts in general, it is good combination for artists and creative professions, although in relationships as you say means instability and health speaks of depressive states. Best regards.

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The meaning of the Madman tarot card in the right position is a powerful card that invites you to let yourself be carried away by your heart. The Fool is never afraid, he is willing to accept everything the world offers him.
It also reflects how a state of irrelevance to the strong circumstances that life brings has made you pass over them. Thanks to this it was possible for you to meet your inner self today.
As you move forward and forget your old habits, you will find it easier to adjust to the new demands. Consequently, your opportunities for positive change will increase.
On the other hand, if your emotions are not neutral, you will have a turning point in your life that will keep you excited for a long time. A new proposal will lead you to live in your next days a memorable experience.
Likewise, fire is the source of wisdom and enlightenment of the human being. This element is considered in all cultures as the divine light, which gives man reason to govern himself and rule the earth.